Free license
  • 1 staff member
  • 2 currencies
  • 2 staff groups
  • 2 products categories
  • 3 forums
  • 3 promo codes
  • 5 products
  • Community support
  • BoxBilling branding
  • -
Pro license
  • Unlimited staff members
  • Unlimited currencies
  • Unlimited staff groups
  • Unlimited products categories
  • Unlimited forums and topics
  • Unlimited promo codes
  • Unlimited products
  • Staff support
  • No BoxBiling branding
  • Create orders from admin area

    Package comes with

  • Clients management
  • Orders management
  • Support helpdesks
  • Translations
  • Customizable Themes
  • Event hooks
  • BoxBilling API


Why BoxBilling is free?

Giving small companies ability to get started without any costs is a huge advantage. We believe clients will love BoxBilling and support its development and other costs by upgrading to PRO version later as they grow.

Is there a discounts or promo codes available?

Not at the moment. Please follow us on facebook to get notified when discount code is available.

Do you offer custom development services?

Yes we do. Contact our support to get development quote by describing your task and budget.

How can I switch from free to PRO?

You can do that at any time. After purchasing pro license key update it at bb-config.php file and all limits will be removed. No other actions are required.

Do you give refunds?

No. We offer free license with minor limitations and encourage our clients to try free version of BoxBilling to before buying PRO version.

Do I need web host to use BoxBilling?

Yes. BoxBilling is downloadable software and runs on your server. All your sensitive clients data is in your hands and only you are responsible for them.

Where can I download BoxBilling?

You can always download latest BoxBilling version from downloads page.

How do I sign up?

Start will free license! This is cheapest and easiest way to get started. Order it now it and you will receive your license key in minutes.

How do I cancel service?

Simply do not renew your license key. You can still continue using FREE license forever. We do not ask any questions about your decision.

How long are your contracts?

Contrac is until billing period over. Choose billing period you prefer month-to-month, every 3 months. every 6 months, every year or every 2 years.